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There has been a new development in the app-hunting game, and it may be a boon for app developers. Google has just announced that they will begin to implement app searches as a standard part of web searches, on Android devices.

What it basically means is that Google will now highlight apps that are relevant to a web search. For example, if someone uses Google to search for a workout regiment to do at home, Google (up until now) would give the person a whole list of webpages with words that match their search (this is where SEO has been used in the past). Now, when someone searches from their Android for the same terms, Google will not only show the web pages, but will also show a carousel of apps relevant to the search. In this case, it would show the different apps that have a workout from home element in them. This is quite a feat for app developers, as any way to get new apps in front of users is highly desired. Whether or not this means that SEO will need to be used for apps remains to be seen.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies look forward to helping our clients use the new search technologies to bring greater success to their own apps. As always, Liberty Fox is here to answer any questions you may have.

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