Sidewalk Labs Set Their Sights on City Living

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, Google is taking over the world. Just kidding – but, kind of, not really. Their presence has vastly expanded past the digital realm and into reality. Now they are setting up to tackle their biggest real world issue – city living. Sidewalk Labs is Google’s newest startup company, focused on improving problems that arise for residents of large cities such as transportation, energy usage, pollution problems, and the high cost of living, among others. Sidewalk Labs is based in New York (of course) and directed by Dan Doctoroff, former Bloomberg CEO and past New York Deputy Mayor of Economic Development. His experience and understanding of the challenges of urban life make him a perfect fit for this endeavor.

The main focus of Sidewalk Labs is to acquire, develop, and invest in technologies that will improve the conditions of city living. This could mean anything from creating apps offering information about traffic conditions to the price of apartments and gas in the area. As it seems with any Google venture, little is known about the plan or how they intend to achieve their objectives. Still, we can rest assured that something big is in the works; the team developing Sidewalk Labs is led by Google’s own cofounder and CEO, Larry Page. This innovative startup could bring about, not only increased quality of life for city residents, but major opportunities and growth when it comes to jobs, technologies, and business.

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