Microsoft Acquires Xamarin: What it Means for the Windows Company

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Confirming swirling rumors, Microsoft purchased Xamarin, a cross-platform mobile software development company, in a quiet deal this week. With their expertise, Microsoft can expand mobile development and strengthen their Universal Windows Platform (UWP) technology, something they have yet to successfully perfect.

Because of Microsoft’s proprietary past, their developing team was not quite prepared to create mobile apps outside of the Window’s operating system. Microsoft’s Visual Studio tools were designed with Windows in mind. Xamarin brings with them the right tooling and connections to make Microsoft’s Universal Windows dream a reality.

Cross-platform native mobile app development will put Microsoft back into the game with key players like Apple and Android. Xamarin will also be able to offer expertise in testing and analytics for mobile applications. Measuring apps is crucial to development, implementation, and success. Xamarin’s presence will help developers build apps that can exist within and outside of the Window’s operating system. This is the step Microsoft needs to compete in an industry that is constantly adapting to new technologies and innovations.

Mobile is the future, but with the speed of technology today what that really means is – it’s time to perfect mobile now. Acquiring Xamarin could be the turning point that opens new doors for Microsoft and a new level of Windows innovation.

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