Is Uber About To Get An Uber-ly Large Lawsuit?

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Uber, a personal taxi app that quickly and easily links customers with a nearby driver, allows users to get a ride to their desired location at half the price or less than you would pay for a standard taxicab. This innovative use of technology seemed, at first, to be a godsend for city-livers on a budget. However, problems continue to arise all around this company, particular with its drivers.

As you can imagine, taxi drivers and those new to the industry jumped at the opportunity to run business on their own terms. However, many should have considered what kind of pay cut they would receive from a company offering their services at half the price. Many claim to be working well over a normal 40-hour work week, while barely making minimum wage. Others worry about their safety or the lack of support in cases of difficult passengers. Being employed by an app, without a main contact for problems, paperwork, or concerns is obviously beginning to show its vulnerability. Uber drivers are permitted to work as much or as little as they want, receiving a commission for each ride. While it sounds like an ample opportunity, drivers claim pay is too low, risk it too high, and the reliability of the company just isn’t there.

As with many companies working with new technologies and innovations, there is very little governing this business or its practices. Big cab companies and taxi drivers have spoken out asking why these drivers, who are obviously taking a large chunk of their business, are not being regulated as tightly as they are. The question raises real concerns for both driver and passenger safety as well as the legality of these operations.

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