iOS Lancher is Back?

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Things do move back and forth quickly in today’s world of app design.  Some of you may remember an app called Launcher, which was available for iOS for a spell, until being kicked off by Apple.  Many fans of Launcher were displeased by the decision.  Those people can be happy again.

Launcher is now back in the App Store, due to Apple’s relaxing of their rules.  The Launcher app is one that basically turns a widget into a tool that allowed a user to tap and launch other apps already installed on the phone.

The Launcher app, more or less, allows a user to make shortcuts to their most used applications and various tasks.  For example, if a user has one person they particularly facetime call more than others, the Launcher app can make a shortcut to facetime that person.  It also could add a shortcut for directions to your most frequent stop, and do other things of that sort.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies enjoy seeing new additions being added to the app market, and look forward to using features like the ones used in Launcher, with our client base.

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