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It’s always exciting for us folks at Liberty Fox Technologies to hear about a new way apps are being implemented to make lives easier for people across the nation. Industries have definitely been changed for the better by mobile technology, and we are happy to see this continue.

The truck driving business has been an area that has been slower than most to embrace mobile technology and the use of apps. While the industry has used certain aspects, such as tracking devices for trucks and GPS, it has been slow going overall. Many truckers still rely on brokerage firms, which cost anywhere between 10% to 30% of a haul, or even handwritten notes on bulletin boards.

Now they have an app to take the place of the brokerage firms. The app basically acts as a brokerage firm would, connecting independent drivers with companies that need a load hauled. It charges between 6% to 10%, which is far less than the firms do, and is a user friendly way for drivers to find new hauls. It makes an independent truckers life easier, costs them less, and streamlines efficiency in the industry. This is what an app is made to do.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies look forward to seeing more apps such as this develop, and in helping our clients build apps of their own. If you have any questions about mobile technology or app development, give us a call at Liberty Fox Technologies.

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