Google, Froogle, News… Snozberries… Sound Search?

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We at Liberty Fox love to tell our clients about apps they may not have heard of.  This induces creativity in both our clients and ourselves, as we use the best part of these applications for our own creations.  With the wealth of applications being released on a daily basis, it is also highly important that we all stay on top of what is out there.  This helps us all stay competitive in this new and thriving market.

Some of the apps here are very interesting, and all are done through Google.  One, for instance, is called Sound Search.  This app is not too well known, yet does some amazing things.  For instance, if you want to find out what song you are listening to, simply record a bit of it to your phone, and enter it into the app.  The application then will tell you what song you are listening to.

Another interesting app is Primer.  This Google app can teach about a wide variety of subjects about marketing.

We at Liberty Fox are happy to show our clients these little known apps, and look forward to the creativity they can bring out in all of us.

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