From Kiosks to Mobile Pay, Mobile Technology is a Must for Retailers

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The evolution of the internet and the integration of mobile technology seems to be happening at the speed of light. Just a short time ago, businesses were urged to offer mobile-friendly websites and applications if they wanted to keep up with the competition. Those who are up to speed are about to join the race again as consumers demand more from mobile to improve their interactive shopping experience.

In a study done by SOTI, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions provider, researchers found that 73% of shoppers believe that stores which incorporate mobile technology offer superior customer service and a better shopping experience. In fact, 94% of those surveyed were interested in seeing even more mobile solutions like barcode scanners and interactive kiosks.

Another major factor in the evolution of in-store mobile technology is mobile pay. With the rollout of EMV chip cards, business owners are scrambling to conform to new standards while consumers are beginning to feel the effects of lengthy, confusing payment situations. Mobile pay is just getting started, but we will soon see this method taking shape in small and large businesses alike. Loyalty programs are also beginning to go mobile and could easily be linked to mobile wallet in the near future. It is projected that once mobile pay is fully established, it could quickly surpass EMV altogether, giving us an entirely new way to pay.

No matter where you are with mobile for your business, continue to strive to stay ahead as changes are around every corner.

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