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Many of you may have heard of what Opera Max is.  If not, it is a data saving Android app that was launched last February, and has since expanded into several countries across Europe and Asia.

As you may remember, Opera Max launched a Web Pass feature not too long ago.  This feature allowed users to browse certain sites for free, while operators or sponsors paid the charges.  This allowed users in regions with high cost of service to browse sites for free, and see if they are useful.

The new app, App Pass, basically does the same for apps.  Once again, users in high cost areas can now test certain apps for free, to see if they are useful to them.  While this is not a big deal in America, it is quite an offering to those in developing markets where data plans can be extremely expensive.

It’s also a very good marketing tactic.  By letting users try it for free, they are spreading their customer base in areas that have not been fully integrated into mobile technology as of yet.

We, at Liberty Fox, look forward to seeing how this new service plays out in developing regions.

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