Can Mobile Apps and Technology Improve Your Health?

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New technologies in the form of mobile apps and wearable devices are changing the way we are able to control our own health. Many smartphones now come equipped with preinstalled health apps that can be used to track steps, calories, work outs, activities, heart rate, and even sleep. But does this new technology actually contribute to better health?

Research on the health benefits of these technologies is still limited, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Most downloaded health apps are used to track physical activity, food choices, and heart rate. These can be motivating tools used to increase the amount a person walks every day, limit the intake of excessive calories, and maintain a healthy heart rate. Self-monitoring is a huge step in the process of achieving and maintaining good health. Wearable heart and step monitors give users daily control over their activity.

Many of these apps offer a way to connect with other users, adding a support aspect that can be extremely beneficial to those trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or maintain a healthy diet. Testing still needs to be done on these apps and monitoring devices to ensure they are safe and effective, but the future of healthcare may soon be in the palm of our hands – literally.

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