Branded Apps: How To Get It Right

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Each year, businesses must evaluate their budget to include yet another leg of technology as innovation fuels new opportunities for expansion. Creating a branded mobile application can be expensive and time-consuming, but the rewards can easily outweigh the costs. Here’s how your business can get it right:

Offer Value

We all know there is only so much space on our smartphones for downloaded apps – and even less space on the main screen where we keep our favorites. While we might love many brands of shoes, clothes, cars, and accessories, it is simply impossible to keep an app for every single one. Your app needs to add value to the user through incentives, information, and ease of use.

Pair With Social

By integrating social into your app through sharing options and more, you can easily gain more interest. Social is now a part of our everyday lives. It is how we connect with family and friends, share our ideas and experiences, and even how we sometimes find great restaurants, stores, and services. Social can bring your branded app to the next level.

Create App-based Content

While sharing the same content on multiple platforms can definitely be beneficial to reaching a wide audience, you also want to save some original content for your mobile application. Most users are not browsing the web from their smartphones anymore, they are perusing mobile apps. Make their visit worth their while by creating content they can consume directly and exclusively from your branded app.

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