Apps on Shark Tank? $500,000 for 35%…

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As we all know, mobile applications are a fairly recent market to break into.  Apps have only been used for a few years now, and what separates a popular app from an unpopular one often seems like fate or coincidence.

However, the marketing of the app is of upmost importance.  The article in question shows how an app that may not be user friendly, can still be a success…if only for a while.  The TV pitch competition, Shark Tank, has a history of turning apps that were forgotten about into mobile hits.

For instance, Shark Tank recently showed an app on the show called Scholly.  This app had investors in Shark Tank fighting over it, and was shown to be useful.

However, once users downloaded the app, they found it was full of bugs and difficult to use with outdated information.

This can be the case with many apps.  One thing we strive to do at Liberty Fox is to make certain that the apps we create are up to date, and free of bugs.  It’s important to do this at the beginning, as users will not always give an app a second chance after failing them the first time.

Something to think about…

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