Apps for Autism Awareness

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There are plenty of issues, during our modern age, of technology being used for wrong or malicious reasons.  From rigged elections to the controversy around Facebook taking and selling people’s private information, it seems negativity is all over the place. This is why Liberty Fox Technologies is proud to show an example of modern technology being used to help a group of people who truly need it: children born with autism.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Apple has launched a special section in the app store. This section highlights apps that should be helpful to an autistic child (some apps would be helpful for adults as well). The apps range in price from free to $120.

For example, CatterPix Kids (Free) allows a child to take a picture of an object and add speech bubbles, or use their own voice to make the object talk. This helps with communication techniques.

Another free app is FlummoxVision, an app that allows a child to watch “Flummox and Friends,” a show that helps children deal with social and emotional struggles.

On the more expensive end, Proloquo4Text is a text-to-speech app that features word and sentence prediction ($119.99).  Another option is Proloquo2Go, a symbol supporting communication app ($109.99).

We at Liberty Fox Technologies are excited to see apps being used in this fashion, and look forward to helping our clients make apps that change the world for the better.

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