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As you have probably already heard, Apple released their newest gadget just this week.  The Apple Watch was delivered, and offers users a smaller interface (on their wrist) to use their favorite apps.  Called the first “smartwatch,” Apple displayed the new app tool with demonstrations of Apple’s own, in house apps.

And while it was interesting to see with Apple’s own apps, there is more interest in how other developers will utilize this technology.  Luckily, we are able to get a glimpse of that already.  Apple Watch software chief Kevin Lynch has already contacted certain developers, and is able to showcase how their apps work with the device.

Some of the bigger apps on the market are shown here.  As you can see, Instagram is almost the same, with the exception of smaller photos due to a smaller device.  Twitter has a working app on the Smart Watch as well, allowing you to quickly see what’s trending across the world, as well as all of your mentions and activity.  Uber, in particular, seemed to add an element of ease, as you can order a ride from the watch, and they will send a notification to the watch as well.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies look forward to developing fantastic apps for the Smart Watch with our clients, and are excited to begin this new journey.

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