Apple Watch Apps Keeping It Simple

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The Apple Watch is changing the game for the development and creation of apps. While phone apps, and the way they are developed, will not be affected too greatly, the Apple Watch apps are forcing developers to think with a different mindset altogether.

As is obvious, the Apple Watch has a display screen less than half the size of the smallest iPhone screen. This is forcing developers to think even smaller, and focus on new ways to use apps on a tiny screen. The way they are planning on doing this is by focusing on quick bits of information or brief interactions based on a single tap. They are not looking for users to spend a long time on their Watch apps, but feel it will be more of a “get in and get out” approach. Apple is helping with this by giving developers something that was not available with the iPhone: the ability to make notifications include photos and charts, instead of being purely text. For example, Instagram’s Apple Watch app will give notifications that include photos, allowing a user to like it at that moment, with one tap.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies look forward to seeing how Apple Watch apps continue to develop, and look forward to sharing these new developments with our clients.

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