What is Open Source Software?

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Open source has become a familiar phrase in the technology world today. While some have confused the term with “free,” this is not entirely true, though open source software does give users a whole lot of “free”dom when it comes to applications and programs. However, open source is not without its own rules, regulations, and values that need to be adhered to in order to be successful.

Open source software allows developers and non-developers alike to use, modify, enhance, and share source code in almost any way they choose. This allows anyone to access the code and use it for their own purposes, albeit rules still apply. For instance, you can use open source software and the source code that created it in applications that are completely different from the original, but you must also share your own program or application with others by making it open source. Licensing terms must be followed, but the code is accessible to any user for any purpose.

The wonderful thing about open source software is the open concept premise that encourages revolutionary evolution, advancements, and solutions to software by allowing developers to analyze and update glitches, fix bugs, add new features, and much more. Often, this results in quicker patches and better software, overall. Users can even take the initial source code and redistribute it or create an entirely new program or application. Liberty Fox has much experience with open source software and implementation.

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