What Is An Enterprise Application?

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An enterprise application (EA) is a business application designed to solve problems and streamline complex tasks encountered by large (and sometimes small) corporations and organizations. Today’s EAs are complex, scalable, reliable, multi-tiered, component-based, and mission-critical. EAs essentially consist of a group of programs working together to create unparalleled functionalities. These applications are developed using enterprise architecture, a conceptual blueprint that defines and determines how an organization can enhance efficiency and productivity to achieve current and future objectives.

The design and development of EAs consists of meetings hundreds or even thousands of separate requirements seamlessly. They must be created in a user-friendly way while accommodating security, administration, data, and maintenance parameters on a variety of platforms across networks, intranets, and the Internet.

Enterprise application software includes but is not limited to: application integration, security, billing systems, payment and payroll processing, online shopping, IT management, content management, sales forces automation, human resource management, business intelligence, and much more. EA software is a critical component of any computer information system, requiring complex development and design.

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