The Future of Flash Dims as Facebook Opts for HTML5

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Adobe Flash has since seen better days, and it seems it may not see many more. Security breaches, glitches, slow speeds, and compatibility issues have been dragging Flash through the mud for years. As advancements in technology progress, new web standards open better options for users.

In order to maintain their innovative, evolutionary site, Facebook has finally opted out of Flash for video to offer a better user experience. Even Adobe has accepted and even encouraged the use of HTML5 for users. Facebook keeps comments to a minimum about the transition, offering only that they want to provide users with the best possible video experience and that HTML5 is the platform needed to achieve this. Video now runs smoother, faster, and with less bugs. The site is already seeing validation through more video views, comments, likes, and shares.

While Flash seems to be at the end of its life in terms of web standards, Adobe is keeping the application alive for other purposes. Facebook is on board with this concept, stating that they will continue to utilize Flash for online gaming.

Though Flash has been slammed in reviews and reports, it is admirable to see Adobe adapting gracefully to the evolution of technology. Their avocation for a superior user experience highlights their dedication to innovation and should offer some solace to Flash lovers. Only time will tell what the next step will be for Adobe, but we can remain hopeful.

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