T-Mobile Moves Influence Verizon to Kill Contracts

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T-Mobile used to be a low name on the cellular totem pole, but their contractless presence has been greatly influencing the mobile market for the last few years, bypassing Sprint and securing a third place spot in the industry. Verizon has taken note of their uncarrier-like moves and opted to eliminate their 2 year contracts.

Beginning August 13th, Verizon will now provide customers with a choice of four plans with various allotted data amounts. While this is exciting news for those not wanting to get locked into a long term contract, the new deal will eliminate phone subsidies, which means customers will have to pay full price for a new phone or sign up for a device payment plan.

Users can choose from a small ($30/month for 1GB), medium ($45/month for 3GB), large ($60/month for 6GB), or extra-large ($80/month for 12GB) shared data plan. All plans come with the usual – unlimited talk and text with an extra data charge of $15 per GB for overages. Larger plans are available upon special quote request.  There is also a $20 monthly charge per line on any smartphone, $10 per month for Jetpack hotspots, and a $5 monthly charge for smartwatches.

Those already under contract will not see any immediate changes on the 13th, but they are free to call Verizon directly for questions or changes to their accounts.

Read the full article here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2489253,00.asp

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