Software Tools Your Small Business Needs

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Technology continues to change the way we conduct business today. If you are running a small business, there are efficient, innovative software tools that can simplify your processes and save you time, money, and frustration. Many of the tools offer free or basic subscriptions with the option to upgrade to a premium version as your business grows.


This virtual phone system allows you to forward calls from your business line straight to your cellphone so employees and important clients can reach you wherever you are. You can add multiple extensions, transcribe voicemails to your email, and even send business texts without replacing your existing phones.

Wave Accounting

Keep your books balanced with this program that is easy to use and offers most of its features for free, including receipt and invoice scanning, report generation, and more. If you need extras like direct deposit payroll or payments, the $19 a month subscription fee won’t break the bank.


This nonprofit organization offers business templates and tools to help small businesses with finance, planning, marketing, sales, and more… And almost everything is free to the user. They also provide valuable resources and advice on their website.


This communication tool gives owners and managers valuable feedback from their own staff. The concept is simple: employees spend 15 minutes a week answering important questions, which offer critical insight to employers. Managers are then able to read and respond directly, opening communication in an innovative way.

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