Microsoft Branching into Android and iOS

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Some good news coming early in the year here! As many of you know, in the past, Microsoft was hesitant to release its apps onto platforms that competed against them in the mobile market. These other platforms included the iOS and Android markets, both of which are hugely successful and popular.

But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has declared his intention to change this. Going forward, he has stated that he is going to focus more on the cloud and mobile markets as areas to expand into. For example, Microsoft now allows you to customize swipe gestures on the Android platform version of Outlook, as can be done on the iOS version. These swipe features allows one to quickly delete, archive, move, and otherwise organize their email with great speed and ease.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies look forward to using future Microsoft features with our clients. The more options that open up in the mobile and cloud markets allow us all to grow further in our endeavors. If you have any questions about new features, do not hesitate to call us!

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