How To Navigate Enterprise Architecture For Your Business

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Through enterprise architecture (EA), companies can create a virtual blueprint structured around their current and future business objectives. While this may sound simple, developing an EA strategy is not cut and dry. Each EA system is built based on the specific structure, needs, and ideals of an individual business. EA management includes not only the collection and analyzation of data, but also the determination of how it can be used to transform current and future business practices to build and maintain success.

Enterprise architecture goes beyond IT – but one of the most important parts of EA management is creating a working relationship between enterprise architects and the IT department. These two entities must work together to establish the core needs of the infrastructure in relation to the needs of the business and the goals of each internal process. Through this restructuring, both sides are able to analyze data and apply it to current and future business practices in a way that encourages growth and allows gradual, beneficial change within the establishment.

Most importantly, the company must set clear goals about what they are looking to accomplish. With this comes close management of who makes EA decisions. Someone who is well-versed on the company’s systems and someone who deeply understands the ideals of the business must be a key player in EA management.

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