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Effective communication is a key to success in any walk of life. Here at Liberty Fox, all of our team members interact with clients on a daily basis, making it vital to have clear, concise, and cogent communications. Grammarly is a tool that makes cleaning up emails, documentation, work logs, and notes, a simple and streamlined process. Far more than a standard spell checker, Grammarly evaluates every aspect of what we write to provide suggestions and corrections. From checking grammar and punctuation to sentence structure and contextual spelling, using this tool is like having an editor review and correct your writing in real time. This makes it an essential tool in the fast-paced world of agile development, where communication is important but communicating efficiently and effectively is imperative.

Grammarly can be used in a variety of ways to meet every possible need. A free extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Microsft Edge, and Firefox is available that will evaluate just about anything written within an input box on the browser. There is a plugin for use with the Microsoft Office suite of products, which assists with the writing of formal documentation and the preparation of presentations slightly less stressful. For everything else, there is Grammarly’s Editor, allowing anyone to paste in any text and receive the same editorial feedback. No matter what the situation, Grammarly is available to assist.

Grammarly offers many free services, which is sufficient for most users, as well as premium features that evaluates for more advanced and complex issues.

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