Developers’ Delight: Hawaii’s DevLeague Hosts Island-wide “Hackathon” Featuring Uber

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Via, an educational streaming platform, DevLeague will connect developers virtually in Hawaii, statewide. Top engineers from Uber will offer insight and help increase participants’ technical literacy during this 36-hour event.

DevLeague’s co-founder, Russel Chen, explains that the partnership with Uber began two years ago when they reached out to the Uber HQ in San Francisco to join their Employer Network, which has exclusive access to DevLeague’s graduates. A year after the Uber Hawaii office hired one of the graduates at a competitive salary, they reached back out to DevLeague’s co-founder Jason Sewell to partner with Uber’s HQ hackathon team with the idea to host a boot camp on the Islands. DevLeague agreed, and the event soon grew into a huge happening, connecting developers from the four major islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island).  Sponsors and partners include Uber, DevLeague, High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), Maui Economic Development Board, Nalukai Foundation, Ukulele Underground, The Box Jelly, and

This event joins developers, entrepreneurs, and designers in their own communities to engage in technology learning together as a whole. Aside from promising a good time, this will also allow teams to showcase their talents to world-class software engineers from Uber along with instructors and mentors from Devleague. This state-wide Hawaii event, being held October 23-25, will bring like-minded technology individuals together, with the anticipation of 150-200 people total from the Islands. This event will bring with it the best practices in the industry today, along with hands-on training and expert insight from top Uber software engineers.

IT and software development is the future – and the present. Creating modern software for the web and mobile is crucial because the internet is a part of nearly every aspect of our daily lives today. Liberty Fox Technologies is always interested in new, exciting events that bring together developers and business people to promote this industry.

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