Criptext is Here to End Your Email Nightmares

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Have you ever hit reply all on a message that definitely should have never made it to the eyes of executives in your company? Has your e-mail address line auto-filled the wrong name when typing in your sendee, only to realize it long after you’ve sent a confidential message to the wrong client? Have you mistakenly copied your boss on a very personal e-mail during work hours? We’ve all had our dose of sender remorse, but Criptext is here to provide you some much needed solace by letting you unsend any e-mail, anytime, with just one click.

Criptext is currently available as a browser extension for Gmail and Outlook on Google Chrome and Safari. When enabled, it works within your e-mail server to encrypt all outgoing mail, allowing you to track when, where, and who has opened your messages or attachments. The inner workings of this service converts your text into an image only version when opened, preventing bots from scanning it, and allowing senders to recall the message anytime, even after being opened, or to set a self-destruct timer to delete the message at any chosen time. Criptext even allows the sender to lock attachments with a password or block printing and downloading options.

Criptext is free while still in beta, and will continue to be for at least another six months so creators can acquire necessary feedback from users. Though it is currently available to anyone, its features may be somewhat involved for the average user. Criptext is mainly marketed towards businesses to provide the secure correspondence most e-mail clients today still lack.

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