Consumer Electronics Show – New Samsung Television

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One of the main topics of discussion at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year was that of voice activation technology. It is one of the top items of interest when it comes to application development right now. This can be seen by the waves Samsung’s new voice activation television is making. Though it may not be for the right reasons.

The new Samsung television allows a viewer to use voice commands in operation. For example, a viewer says “on,” or another activation term, and the set turns on. They say “switch to HBO” and it changes the channel. This technology is awesome, and we at Liberty Fox look forward to developing it in the future.

However, the Samsung television also showed a problem with voice activation. That is, what happens when something is said that is not a command. In this case, Samsung stated that these items “overheard” by the television set may be sent to, or heard, by a third party. This happens even if what is said has nothing to do with the televisions program. We at Liberty Fox look forward to the day this technology is safe for use, with privacy taken into consideration. It will give apps a new functionality!

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