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Good news for our clients who want to see how different apps operate without breaking the bank! For a limited time, these eight apps, which usually cost money, are free to consumers. We at Liberty Fox believe it’s intelligent for our clients to look at other apps, to see what features they may want to include in their own mobile applications.

The app Unikey is one that is free for now. This app gives a new keyboard to the user. This keyboard offers a system wide unicode keyboard. This means a user will not have to hunt online for symbols. It also lets one use many different fonts, right from within the app.

Another notable app offered for free (for now) is Clone Camera. This app allows a user to make clones of their subjects in a single photo. It is fun, and offers a new experience.

We at Liberty Fox encourage our clients to continue looking at different types of apps, to gain a deeper understanding of the medium, and as a springboard for new ideas. We look forward to working with our client’s new ideas in the future.

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