Apple Watch… Worth It?

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So, the launch of the Apple Watch has come and gone, yet many consumers are still unsure if it’s worth their hard earned dollars.  At this point, we know what apps are available for the Apple Watch, both from Apple and third party developers. This blog will look into features developed by Apple, that come on the watch.  Hopefully, this will help the clients of Liberty Fox Technologies understand what they can expect, and make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the Apple Watch.

For one, while the Apple Watch does not have GPS included, it will connect to your iPhone and use the phone’s GPS to get you where you need to go (more or less eliminating the need to pull out your phone for directions).  Messages and photos will both work on the Apple Watch (though we hear that the photos can make a person squint, as they are smaller on the watch).  iTunes, mail, and the calendar all work as they do on the phone.  One cool feature goes along with Apple TV, namely that you can use the watch as a remote control.  The watch also can serve as a remote for the camera on your iPhone, making selfies easier to take in a group.

We at Liberty Fox Technologies are excited to see what else this new technology will bring, and are here to answer any questions our clients may have.

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