Another Year of Technology: The Evolution of Enterprise Software in 2015

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Each year we enjoy and endure a burying amount of advancements and changes in technology, and each year the speed of this evolution seems to surpass the last. For businesses today, this is a very good thing. The amount of data available to us, and the applications being created each day to analyze, interpret, and put it to use are staggering. This past year was no exception, bringing many significant changes to enterprise software.

Data itself is much of the driving force that fueled the evolution of enterprise software this year. The amount of data available today, and the ways we are able to use it is virtually insurmountable. This caused enterprise software to change to accommodate big data in big ways in order to make the most of the information waiting at our fingertips.

Analytics have allowed us to interpret and apply data in ways we never knew possible. Throughout 2015, analytics have taken a solid seat in enterprise software, and rightfully so. This technology is the reason we are able to understand and use the continuous flow of data coming in on any given day.

The use of algorithms and other forms of the buzzworthy term “machine learning” has been a complete game changer when it comes to enterprise software. This is essentially the future arriving at our doorstep. Machine learning allows us to use past data to predict future patterns and behavior using artificial intelligence.

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