Adobe Switches Gears, Encourages Use of New Web Standards

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For some time now, rumors of the demise of Flash have been swirling around at tornado speed. A plethora of technical issues and security scares have made the plug-in a slow sinking ship. Is Adobe ready to give up on Flash player altogether? Not quite yet, but they are certainly entertaining new ideas.

In a recent announcement, Adobe renamed Flash Professional to Adobe Animate CC as part of January’s Creative Cloud update. It seems they have embraced new web standards, particularly HTML5 as the dominant web standard, which amounts for a third of all content created by the tool. Still, they insist that Flash is not dead. They are simply accommodating the demand for multiple content creation formats and lending themselves to changes and advancements in technology.

While Adobe’s admission that Flash is no longer the leading web technology is unexpected, it is not entirely surprising. Flash is not supported on mobile devices, severely restricting its capacity. Adobe’s product team has worked hard to rewrite their Flash Professional tool from the ground up, allowing for animations to be created and delivered using any Web standard. This move gives them new leverage in the industry without entirely eliminating Flash. Perhaps, their decision will convince users that all tools serve a purpose, and although HTML5 is the dominant standard, Flash still holds its own unique value.

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