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Having previously been a boy scout himself, Bill Evans felt compelled to provide Troop 290 with a much-needed face-lift. Their previous website left much to be desired and was built with static pages. There was no easy way for a troop leader to post important information or update upcoming events. It was a drawn out and tedious process that pulled them away from the more important duties like coordinating the troop. Often, this lead to the site rarely being updated and infrequently visited by troop members. Some of the members had been actively using Facebook for troop communication, but this lead to communication breakdown and an unorganized cluster of information spread across group and individual news feeds. Additionally, BSA regulations have strong rules about Microsoft Developmentcommunication policies, leading to many very useful and necessary forms, applications and details not being posted at all. Liberty Fox’s team came to the rescue. We redesigned their website from the ground up, embracing the excitement and joy they the organization has to offer. We provided an intuitive way to update forms, upcoming events and manage news articles. Additionally, we crafted a form to inquire about becoming a scout in the organization while offering a “meet the staff” module to offer parents the insight into short bios about their children’s supervisors. Overall, this was a very rewarding experience for Liberty Fox and we are happy to have been a part of it.

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