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Liberty Fox was approached about a project in chaos. The previous development resource had been removed from the project and there was a serious concern about the project’s completion relevant to its expected deadline. Our response? “No problem!” Our team was able to quickly pick up where the previous resource had left off and deliver a high-caliber product.

The Challenge

With the previous resource inaccessible and a deadline fast approaching, our team was posed with a serious concern, “Can we complete this project within the required timeframe?” There was no documentation in the previous code and incomplete implementation of many features that the client had requested. In addition, the scope of work had changed but the deadline had not. The project was in crunch-time.



Our Solution

Java DevelopmentOur staff and its combined 40 years of experience in the field used its best judgments to find the most feasible way to bring this project to fruition within the budget constraints. We were able to provide the Paskill team with a revised, accurate assessment of the current state of the project and presented a realistic estimate of its completion. Leveraging this knowledge, Paskill and Liberty Fox agreed on a scope of work that could be completed within the designated timeframe and budget provided. In totality, PCOM’s website was completed reasonably close to the original budget estimate with a higher level of functionality than originally planned. In addition, our staff continued to work hand-in-hand with the Paskill team to ensure sufficient knowledge transfer of how to administrate the new system and provide support to their client’s personnel.

Services and Technologies Leveraged

    • WordPress 3.8.1 / PHP 5.3
    • MySQL 5.0.15
    • Linux / Apache Server
    • jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Custom Developed Templating & Post Types

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