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Liberty Fox is in the second phase of development for a comprehensive and intuitive sales management platform for Pentec Health. Leveraging the assets of its previous engagements with Pentec, our team in currently in the process of building a one-stop-shop for deep analytics into the referral process, e-signatures and sales analytical data with in-depth management performance data delivered on a mobile platform.

The challenge

Pentec approached us with a new challenge. Their sales representatives needed a new and mobile way to access vast amounts of analytical data from their fingertips while attempting to fashion new relationships with their prospects to provide their industry-leading dialysis solutions. Their sales representatives had previously worked largely independently; each with their own methodology of the sales process and how to leverage the data that was provided to them via the other two solutions. The problem was that from an upper-management position, there was little-to-no real-time insight into the sales process and the state of a prospective account. Additionally, when a sales resource was no longer available (due to vacation or various other reasons) there was little to no information available to the next resource that would inherit their accounts.

Our Solution

mobile developmentHow did we handle this momentous task? With our seasoned development staff and intuitive Architectural Analyst of course! Liberty Fox presented Pentec with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for their sales representatives to leverage their tools without having to break out of the methodology that has worked for them. By not forcing them to conform to an off-the-shelf CRM solution, we were able to provide them with the data they needed without interrupting what they do best. By building a solution around their workflow, we were able to enhance their capabilities without slowing them down by a large, clunky enterprise solution. Now, the sales representatives are able to schedule follow-up conversations, track the referral process, inquire about e-signature status, and access relevant marketing materials. In addition, they will be able to leverage complex trip-planning algorithms to plan out the most effective sales trip plan and track their status and completion level. All of this information is also available to upper-management mitigating the need for constant updates and unnecessary catch-up meetings.

Services and Technologies Leveraged

    • Microsoft.NET MVC / Razor 4
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    • jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
    • Responsive Web Design (Zurb Foundation)
    • PhoneGap Mobile Solutions
    • Test Driven Development
    • Moq Mocking Framework

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