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Liberty Fox delivered a simple and easy-to-use maintenance requisition system for Jeanes hospital to replace their aging UNIX platform. Learning their business needs and crafting a system around their existing workflow, we were able to simplify their paper process while providing their staff with a much more feature-rich application.

The Challenge

Jeanes approached Liberty Fox with an interesting concern. For years they had been using a UNIX terminal platform for a variety of systems throughout the hospital. The support for this system was coming to an end meaning that the functionality had to be replaced. They had a relationship with another vendor to provide the majority of the support they needed with one major caveat; the new software solution did not include any modules for handling maintenance requests. Considering that the hospital processed almost one hundred requests a day at times, this was a huge concern. Simply calling down to the maintenance office would prove to be a tracking and communication nightmare. Additionally, the maintenance team did not want their process interrupted by a new and clunky system. They preferred their requests to still come through their printer so that they can grab their clipboard & tool belt and head out to start their day. How can we provide the maintenance administration with the tracking information that they need while still providing the team with the paper workflow that they want?

Our Solution

Liberty Fox stepped in and helped Andy and his team bring their needs to fruition. Instead of implementing a bulky enterprise ticket tracking system and making costly custom modifications, we built a much simpler solution around their workflow. We met with the maintenance staff and learned their pain-points from the previous system while demonstrating a few enterprise solutions that exist in the industry to receive feedback on desired features for the new system. Our team created a new stream-lined ticket tracking system with simplified email notifications and printer management functionality. Additionally, we created a simple ticket request workflow that would walk a user through the process and validate their input providing real-time feedback. Once the new system was deployed, the adoption rate across the entire hospital staff was nearly instantaneous (preferring the new system over the predecessor). Maintenance administration had clear insight into the number of open tickets and staff members were notified when their request was fulfilled (functionality previously non-existent).

Services and Technologies Leveraged

    • Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Active Directory / LDAP User Authentication
    • Windows Printing API
    • SQL Performance Optimization

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