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Liberty Fox helped Tim and his team champion the transformation to “best-of-breed” “end-to-end” EMR and Revenue Cycle Management information solutions model, reflecting a combination of commercial and proprietary solutions that closed end to end processing gaps and improved overall operating leverage. By implementing cutting-edge e-signature functionality and workflow processing, Liberty Fox was able to streamline Pentec’s referral process and help to increase patient care by a multitude.

The Challenge

We were again approached by Pentec Health with a new challenge. In their patient referral process, there were some significant stop-gaps causing the referral process to be delayed and communication to fall short on many fronts. Due to an overwhelming surge of new patient referrals, their intake staff was getting overwhelmed in keeping track of the state of each. Pentec needed a new solution that could digitize the process of papers, pens and post-it notes into something more reflective of their industry-leading business model.


Our Solution

technology supportOnce again, we accepted Pentec’s challenge. We spent many discovery sessions with their intake staff and learned about their pains and woes of the current process. Sitting along-side their team members, we were able to experience their daily routines ourselves to gain invaluable insight into what solution would help launch them into the next phase that they so desperately needed. Liberty Fox created an industry-leading workflow portal that provides Pentec’s team members with deep insight into the state of each referral and what aspects of the current step still need to be completed to move the referral into the next stage of the process. In addition, we were able to leverage e-signature utilities for physician documents to significantly reduce the amount of paper being pushed through the fax machine. For those who still preferred fax, we integrated an electronic faxing solution so that on Pentec’s side paper was almost eliminated entirely. This new portal implements an intuitive and straightforward intake process that relieves the team of costly, repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on what really matters… their patients.

Services and Technologies Leveraged

    • Microsoft.NET MVC / Razor 4
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    • jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
    • Responsive Web Design (Zurb Foundation)
    • Adobe Echo Sign (E-Signature Solution)
    • Integrated Electronic Faxing Solution



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