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Liberty Fox delivered a comprehensive and multi-dimensional Business Intelligence platform for deep problem, opportunity, and trend analysis, generating profit and patient care improvement opportunities from deep access to Pentec’s entire “order to cash” and “patient outcomes” data points.

 The Challenge

Pentec Health approached Liberty Fox with a concerning issue arising within their sales process. They had an immense amount of analytical information in their industry provided by a 3rd party vendor, but they had no realistic way to ingest and leverage the data. Simply creating a report that would be useful to the team almost always involved the database administrator and typically had a slow turn-around time. Additionally, this information wasn’t paired up with their internal database and there was no way to “link” the analytics to their current customers. They needed this information in a much more flexible way and in a semi-real-time fashion.


Our Solution

MVC RazorOur senior staff was available to step in and provide Tim and his team with the solution they needed. We were able to analyze their issues and pain-points while offering proactive suggestions to alleviate these issues. Liberty Fox created a cutting-edge “fuzzy matching” solution that allowed Pentec’s team to properly match the analytical data to their current accounts and gain deep insight into their processes. In addition, leveraging the now useful data, we were able to provide a rich mapping application that would provide an even more detailed analysis of their processes and business intelligence plotted on a national map. This greatly increased their insight while reducing reporting burdens on their staff allowing them to focus on their tasks at hand.



Services and Technologies Leveraged

    • Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Google Maps API (Geolocation)
    • SQL Performance Optimization
    • Phonetic Search Algorithms

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